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Ali- ai- Ligang: The Festival of the Miris

Assam which is one of those only lands in India which is rich in culture and is still having lot of tribes living in that place. The festival is all about the end of one session of paddy seeds and sowing of the fresh paddy seeds. The tribe named Miris celebrates it. These tribes live in few places of Assam namely Dibrugarh, Sonitpur and Tinsukia. The festival s duration is for five days which kick starts on the first Wednesday of the month.
Dance: The word Ali-ai Ligang comes from the from the words Ali meaning root, ai meaning seed and Ligang meaning to sow. This being mainly celebrated by Farmers it is the time when the paddy seeds are successfully pulled out. The tribes have a belief that the sun their father and the moon is their mother. This festival is started by honoring both the sun and the moon followed by the spread of the seeds. Gumrag is the traditional dance at this place which is an important part of the festivals. The music composed for these festivals consists of instruments like the drums, flute, cymbal, gong and pipes. Before this event starts they have to encircle the entire field as a way of blessing to their fields. This is done to ensure that the Gods bless each and every household in the village. The music and the dance tell us about different facts like death and birth and the life of people.
Feast: Feast is the best part of the festival where people eat pork. Pork is to be known as Purang in their Language and people made a dish known as Poro Rang out of it. Though the feast continues for 5 days there is something that is called ending of it where there is a grand feast known as the Dapan Tipan. Mutual love and communal harmony are the two things aimed in celebrating this festival. People get back to their work after the last day which is known as the Lilen. Lives just go on for them after this just like other festivals.
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