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Property Tax Rates in Hyderabad

Property Tax payment are made online in Hyderabad where the trouble free work has been reduced and the necessary operations are fulfilled by Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Property Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is specified to each individual taxpayer for possessing each property. This unique identification number can only be accessed by an individual procuring fourteen digits. To make online payments you can just enter the fourteen digit number on the particular website and make you task easier. This has actually reduced the trouble of people standing in lengthy queues to make their property tax payments. In case you are not aware of the fourteen digit PIN number you can also look into the Municipal Corporation website and acquire the PTIN specifying the area on the space provided and you can also come across the appropriate dates for property taxes to be paid. If the taxes are paid within time the Municipal Corporation also allows certain discount on the overall payments, but otherwise the tax paid after the due date will be charged 2% extra per for the corresponding month where the penalty is to be paid by the individual taxpayer.
The diverse methods offered by Municipal Corporation to pay the taxes in Hyderabad by means of:
  • Bank card or Credit Card
  • Online service centers in AP
  • Senior Citizen Services
  • Bill collectors
  • Property Tax Collected through Mobile Vans
  • Property Tax to be paid on SBI, Hyderabad
  • Cheque or Demand Draft "in favor of GHMC"
  • Electronic -Seva Counters
  • Property tax regulations are made extensively high by the state government evolving regular payments made by the tax payers. The state government has complete control over the maximum and minimum rate that Municipal Corporation charged on individual taxpayers. The tax rate differs from area of land owned by an individual and the location the property is situated. Under Sec 213 Act, 1955 of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Self-Verification of Property Tax form is filled in and accessed online. Property tax rate fluctuate according to the locality. High-class colony with all conveniences is charged higher property tax rates in Hyderabad. The tax paid by commercial establishments than the housing residential in the city is more. Every five years the property taxes are modified to convenient according to the state government proposals. Similar to Pune, the government in Hyderabad has also prepared provision to give discounts to the individual taxpayer with eco-friendly housing and 10% discount is charged on housing residential making use of solar heaters and lighting systems.
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