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Kolkata Property Tax(Property Tax in Kolkata)

To cover better property tax collection, the Kolkata city corporation has reduced up to 30 percent from the maximum rates, which has been fixed earlier. In order to made an amendment to reduce the property tax a committee has been formed as per municipal reforms, by the local government. Now the people can browse and collect information about property tax amount, due date property value. The origin of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), web site was made the people very convenient. Property tax application and other application forms can be obtained by downloading respective forms. The collected revenue of this property tax will be utilized to implement the city infrastructure much better, investing to provide drinking water, sewerage, street lights and formation of roads and even to provide a calculator in KMC web site for the utility of property tax payers. The Annual Valuation, AV of the property has been done by KMC. The property valuation will be fixed basically on the type of property usage, i.e., own use, rent and commercial usage. The rental based properties or otherwise termed as Reasonable Rental Method (RRM), property tax will be fixed separately.

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By considering the total assumed rent value of a building for a particular year, ten per cent of the total amount will be deducted as legal allowance, the result comes will be the actual property value per annum. In case, if the property is meant for rent, then the property tax will be calculated on the actual rental amount that has been fixed by the owner. For commercial property like theatre or community hall, out of total annual receipt of rents, 7.5 per cent will be considered as the valuation per annum. On this the property tax will be collected. The property tax value differs according to the valuation of the different types of properties. If the KMC has collected the property tax by wrong calculation, the taxpayer can obtain justice after appealing to the hearing officer and even by appealing to Municipal Assessment Tribunal.
The Kolkata Municipal Assessment Tribunal consisting of a Chairman and other five exceeding members.
To obtain a property tax bill from the KMC, information regarding the property that are newly availed by any owner, transferring of any property and about group of property should be provided. In the property tax bill, schedule of tax payment will be mentioned and the schedule will be of quarterly installments in general. For outstanding payments, bill can be had by visiting treasury counter, KMC and even at authorized banks. Legal penalty will be applied by KMC on the taxpayer, for late payments and results in disconnection of water supply. In case of non-receipt of tax bill, contact ward officer and have assistance is the option. Offers will be sponsored by the KMC to convenience the taxpayers and to get relief. Information regarding property tax will be found by browsing online through KMC web site and even by the legal advisors in the city of Kolkata. An appeal could be made through the legal advisors, pertaining to dissatisfaction in tax fixation. To obtain tax-paying forms or to send queries one can look into the on line web site of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, i.e.,kolkatamycity.com.
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